Through the use of tools, textures and mark making techniques, Charlotte captures the likeness of her subjects in clay before casting in a material of her client’s choosing.

Charlotte has worked as a commercial sculpture for over a decade, having started her career as a modelmaker within a plaster workshop based in Bath, England. Over this time, she has developed her natural talent for capturing likenesses and mastered traditional mould making and casting techniques.

Through this work, Charlotte’s sculptures have been featured by iconic British brands including Burberry, English Heritage and The British Museum. Internationally, she has completed work for clients across Europe, the UAE and USA.

Working as a freelance artist gives Charlotte the freedom to work with clients on a personal and commercial level. Having recently completed a sculpture for a family of a much loved Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather, she is keen to help more families find ways to remember their loved ones (find out more about the project here). Commercially, Charlotte regularly produces sculptures for the 1865 company, which sells products celebrating African American history (see the work here).

Charlotte works from her home, nestled at the foot of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire. She is involved in the vibrant local art community and has attended courses run by the Society of Portrait Sculptors & Malvern School of Art, going on to teach at the latter. Her latest work is currently on display at Elmslie House Gallery along with three other artists: Tanya Martin, Catherine Martin and Wendy James (find out more about the exhibition here).

Her preferred medium to use when capturing the subject is clay. She then creates her own moulds using flexible silicone rubber with a fibreglass or plaster jacket. After removing the original clay sculpture from the mould, the piece is cast in the material of choice. Charlotte’s available materials include resins in a huge variety of finishes as well as plaster and Jesmonite®. Working with a local foundry, she is also able to offer sculptures in solid bronze via the traditional lost wax casting process. This exceptional material has a long history of being used for artwork and portraiture; it this area that Charlotte is most keen to expand her portfolio in.

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