A portrait cast in bronze


This small bronze has been created to celebrate the life of a much loved father, grandfather and great grandfather. It was completed with great sentiment and care as with all of my personal portraits. This special sculpture is now with the family as a way to remember this man whose life spanned almost a century.

Spending time with both the subject and his son (who commissioned the piece) allowed me to work, not only a likeness into the piece, but something of his personality too. This man had a great sense of humour, a sharp wit and an incredible life-story to tell.

Using calipers and photography I took careful measurements of the subjects head and features and scaled these down to the required size. Once finished, the piece was cast in solid bronze and coated in a chemical which produced the deep rich brown patina. It was a fascinating project, not only getting to know the subject but also following the traditional lost wax casting process.