Of the Earth: Elmslie House


The pieces created for this show are the start of an exploration into the metamorphosis within myths, legends and religion. Through these pieces, I am attempting to convey the heightened emotions that are not found in classical portraiture style.

man-figure (3) (Large).jpg

‘Clytie’ will be exhibited in two forms; one in solid bronze and the other made up of thin copper flowers. The ‘Standing Man’ is based on Prometheus’ first man. These themes are taken from Greek Mythology; Clytie returning to the earth and The Standing man being created from it.

Clytie’s’ forlorn expression and pose is influenced by the drama found in classical sculptures. Her smooth features reflect carved marble and emphasise her youth and beauty at the beginning of her metamorphosis into a flower. The earthy, graduated patina transports the piece from the Victorian period into the contemporary art space.